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Behind the High Walls

“Political prisoners must be freed!” was one of the chief slogans chanted in Iran’s 1979 Revolution. However the regime that took over after the Revolution further perpetuated the history of Evin and other prisons for political prisoners. Many went from political prisoners in the old regime to becoming political prisoners of the new regime. The change was so rapid that it was as if the torturers and inquisitors of the old regime only ended their shift and others took over the new shift. » read more

Out of Iran: Iran's Unwanted Son's and Daughters

A film by Farid Haerinejad

Out of Iran, a documentary produced by Radio Zamaneh and directed by Iranian filmmaker Farid Haerinejad, follows the journeys of LGBT individuals as they flee Iran and travel to the West. It explores their complex journeys as they escape a repressive regime, only to face new challenges as immigrants in Western countries. » read more

Iran-U.S. Relations: 60 years after the August 19 Coup

The fourth round of Zamaneh Debates was held on September 21, 2013 in Amsterdam. The topic was “Iran-U.S. Relations: 60 years after the August 19 Coup.” The panel consisted of activists and political analysts Hamid Aghayi, Mehran Barati and Behzad  Karimi. Zamaneh editor-in-chief Mohammadreza Nikfar introduced the event with the following introduction about the narrative of the August 19 coup in Iran. » read more

ManGozin: from “WHERE is my vote?” to “WHAT is my vote?”

Radio Zamaneh is launching the online voting quiz www.mangozin.com to raise Iranian citizens’ political consciousness and make people aware of the ways in which a democratic government can and should address certain issues. The “ManGozin” voting tool contains 30 hypothetical questions on various social issues and the results will directly indicate participants’ personal political standpoint.


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Presidential Elections Iran 2013

Presidential Elections Iran 2013

On the 14th of June 2013, Iranian citizens are going to vote for a new president. For the past 8 years, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has served two terms in presidency. His re-election in 2009 was very much disputed and led to the greatest popular protests in Iran since the Islamic Revolution. Thousands of Iranians took to the streets to ask “Where’s my Vote”, and their protests have become known as the Green Movement. » read more

Zamaneh Tribune

Zamaneh Tribune is in your hands!

Zamaneh has launched its new Zamaneh Tribune site at tribunezamaneh.com. It provides a platform for all citizens to publish their own material, which could include text, audio or video files as well as photos or sketches. These contributions are published in the same form that they arrive in, and we will make every effort to post them as quickly as possible once we have received them. » read more

Zamaneh Debates

On November 30, 2012, Radio Zamaneh held its first conference in Amsterdam, kicking off a planned series of debates on issues concerning Iran. The first conference was called From Online Freedom to Offline Democracy: Media Activism: Do Words Lead to Results? » read more

E-learning @ Radio Zamaneh

In a country with no press freedom, where journalists and bloggers are imprisoned and with a growing censorship on social studies, the Iranian citizen who wishes to express him or herself freely is limited. Limited in their reporting activities, as well as in gaining skills to professionalize themselves. It is therefore Radio Zamaneh's ambition to help citizen reporters in developing their skills and professionalize their messages, so more voices will be heard!

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Iran Presidential Election - 2009

Weeks before the presidential election in Iran, Radio Zamaneh has launched an online section focusing on the key aspects of this round of election in Iran. Zamaneh has covered the stories behind the scenes of the 10th presidential election to provide clarity regarding the foremost candidates and their electoral platforms.

USA Election 2008

Radio Zamaneh, with a meticulous attention , followed the historic US Presidential election and provided many reports, translations and in-depth analysis. Through the diverse interviews with well-known faces, such as the President of American Council Dr Hooshang Amirahmadi, Radio Zamaneh threw light on the key issues and more thoroughly put highlight on the future of Iran and US affairs and range of possibilities.