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Radio Zamaneh


A Persian language media organization providing independent journalism, citizen reporting, blogging, e-learning, debate and knowledge to an audience in Iran and to Persian speaking community around the world

Broadcasts 24/7 via satellite radio and internet

Starts conversations about a wide range of issues that are considered public taboos in present-day Iran

Focus on reports, analyses, commentaries, blogs, debates and films about social, economic, cultural and political topics, press and internet freedom, human rights and democracy

A public media that gives a voice to the unheard: ethnic and sexual minorities, young Iranians, experts, writers, bloggers and independent academic thinkers

Hosts Zamaneh Tribune, a secure online platform where Iranian citizen reporters and human rights activists can upload, share and discuss multimedia reports on human rights and democracy and enter into debate with each other

Has provided close to 3000 Iranians with online education in Persian on independent journalism, multimedia reporting and digital security

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, it tries to build bridges between Iran and the Iranian diaspora

Informs a large audience in other Persian speaking areas of the world, such as Afghanistan and Central Asia



It is Radio Zamaneh’s mission to be an independent source of information about Iran and other Persian-speaking countries.  We are a professional network of journalists, writers, intellectuals, artists, and students dedicated to honest learning and fair reporting on developments in Iran and the Iranian diaspora abroad. Radio Zamaneh is politically independent and supports the freedom and diversity of press by valuating international journalistic principles such as objectivity, accuracy and impartiality.

Radio Zamaneh wants to give a democratic platform to the unheard voices of Iran by facilitating “the Power to Question and Debate”. Radio Zamaneh’s open access multimedia platforms are designed to reach different audiences through multiple channels and foster audience participation in discussion. This approach empowers citizens to actively engage in issues raised and encourages respect for diverse opinions.

Since 2007, Radio Zamaneh has focused particularly on increasing public awareness on democracy and human rights in Iran. We strive for an informed, educated and empowered civil society that can act as a catalyst for change and reform and put an end to increasing violations of basic human rights in Iran.



In 2005, Press Now partnered up with a team of Iranian journalists to form Radio Zamaneh. The Dutch government decided to support the development of media plurality in Iran after a unanimous vote in parliament. It was established in 2006 as a non-profit organization under the Dutch law. It has no ties to any political, ethnic or social group inside or outside Iran. Radio Zamaneh has developed a broad network of over 350 contributors in Iran and the Iranian diaspora, including a range of prominent Iranian activists, academics, journalists and artists.

The organization is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Free Press Unlimited, the European Commission and many others. Radio Zamaneh is supervised by a board consisting of prominent members active in Dutch media, politics and business.

Currently, Radio Zamaneh hosts various online platforms, such as its main Persian-language editorial website www.radiozamaneh.com and citizen reporting platform Zamaneh Tribune: www.tribunezamaneh.com