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About Us

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Since 2006 Radio Zamaneh has successfully facilitated Persian writers, Islamic scholars, prominent Iranians and personalities at the heart of Iranian culture to provide their views and thoughts. We create a platform that connects the prevalent voices and views. We engage, empower and facilitate our audience with news programs, articles, reports, blogs, and entertainment.

Our programming is a mixture of world news and current affairs, social and cultural issues, and entertainment. Central to our programming are the voices of the unheard; of women and of ethnic, religious and sexual minorities. Topical questions such as 'How can young Iranians meet and engage in relationships?' and 'How can minorities' rights be improved?' have made inroads in many Iranian households thanks to coverage by Radio Zamaneh.

Radio Zamaneh fills the information and communication gap left by Iranian state media. Human rights and civil liberties are high on our agenda. Through citizen journalism and participatory radio-making we aim to promote pluralism. "All people know all things," so the famous Iranian saying goes. The result is a plethora of weblogs and of audio contributions, and a radio station that is highly regarded both inside Iran and abroad.


Radio Zamaneh was started as a collaborative effort between Press Now and a team of Iranian journalists and bloggers. The Dutch government decided to support the development of media plurality in Iran after a unanimous vote in parliament.

Radio Zamaneh was established in 2006 as a non-profit organization under Dutch law. We depend on donor support for our finances. We have no ties to any political, ethnic or social group within or outside Iran. Internet broadcasting started on 4 August 2006, while satellite broadcasting started on 1 September 2006. Shortwave broadcasting started on 7 September 2006 but was terminated in December 2007.

Radio Zamaneh is currently broadcasting on the web and on satellite 24 hours a day via Eutelsat 7 degrees east, frequency 10721 MHz, Polarization horizontal, S/R 22.




Amsterdam, June 19 2012

Radio Zamaneh appoints new chief-editor

Iranian exile media organization Radio Zamaneh (RZ) has appointed Mohammad-Reza Nikfar as its new chief-editor. Dr. Nikfar previously held the position of curator of the Ideas section at RZ, and in the past months served as acting chief-editor.

Dr. Nikfar has a background in academic research and journalism. His previous positions include that of research associate at the University of Cologne, and managing editor of the online Persian news service of Deutsche Welle.

Radio Zamaneh is an independent exile media organization based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With its own Persian-language radio broadcasts and webplatforms, RZ serves an audience inside Iran and in Iranian communities around the world. Additionally, Radio Zamaneh offers online learning opportunities in Persian to students in Iran.