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Management & Board

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Chief Editor Radio Zamaneh:

Mohammad Reza Nikfar, PhD


Dr. Nikfar is a writer and researcher in the field of political philosophy and has worked for various academic institutes and media, including the BBC and Deutsche Welle. He has written numerous books and essays that were published in Persian and German; in 2007 he was selected by the renowned Persian cultural magazine Negahe Nou as Iran’s best author of the year. Additionally, since 2012, he has lead Radio Zamaneh’s editorial team with satisfactory outcomes.

Please contact Mohammad Reza Nikfar for all related editorial issues: editor@radiozamaneh.com


Executive Director

Arjen de Wolff

Mr. de Wolff has a background in journalism, (European) politics and international assistance in the fields of democracy, good governance, human rights and media development. In the past twelve years, he lived and worked in the Caribbean, Latin-America, Eastern-Europe, the Caucasus, Morocco, Turkey, Russia and the Middle-East, directing aid programs and leading various governmental organizations and international NGO’s.

Please contact Arjen de Wolff for all institutional issues related to Radio Zamaneh, as well as development of democracy, good governance and human rights in Iran and the Middle-East, election related issues, political systems and processes in authoritarian countries and development of independent media and media legislation: adewolff@radiozamaneh.com


Chairman of the Supervisory Board:

Bijan Moshaver, PhD

Dr. Moshaver studied medical technology and has a PhD in cancer research at the VU University Amsterdam. He is a well-known political analyst on Iranian issues in Dutch media and has been a board member of the green-left party of the Netherlands. He has been the chairman of the board of Radio Zamaneh since it was founded in 2006.

Please contact Dr. Moshaver for all issues related to the supervisory board: moshaver@radiozamaneh.com