Sunday, September 22, 2019 07:49

ust storm problem spreads to Bushehr

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The latest reports from Khuzestan indicate that dust particles have now reached Bushehr Province, causing some flight cancellations. Residents of Abadan and Ahwaz protested once again in front of government offices, demanding swift and effective action to improve air quality, and the Red Crescent announced that it is on emergency alert in Khuzestan as dust storms persist in the region.

On Thursday February 12, several protests were reported in Khuzestan’s major cities. Mehr confirms that the dust particles that have plagued Khuzestan in the past week have now reached Bushehr.

Officials report that one of the immediate consequences is loss of visibility, which has led to flight cancellations.

The Khuzestan branch of the Red Crescent reports that it has deployed 335 rescuers in 75 teams to distribute masks and provide services.

Currently, the concentration of dust particles in the air in Ahawz is 35 times the acceptable limit, in Abadan it’s 19 times.

The head of the Environment Department has said the government has approved a package to counteract the problem of dust particles in Khuzestan but there has been no clear indication of what specific measures might be taken.

Basij head Mohammadreza Naghadi has announced that he is prepared to dispatch 50,000 Basij members to help out with the problem of dust particles in Khuzestan.