Sunday, April 05, 2020 06:24

University to reinstate women’s studies program

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Women’s Studies will be offered again at Allameh Tabatabai University, says the university’s new head, Hossein Salimi.

Salimi announced that the department will begin accepting applicants in the next academic year.

“We need one year to re-establish eliminated fields and Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies at the graduate level, then these departments will begin accepting students,” Salimi said.

Salimi added that six to seven professors had been dismissed in recent years. Two of them have reportedly been reinstated, and the other cases are now being reconsidered at the Ministry of Science.

He added that about 22 expelled students have re-applied to return to university and 13 of them have already been approved. Salimi maintained that the other students’ failure to return is not related to any assessment by the university.

Allameh Tabatabi University is Iran’s largest university for the humanities.