Monday, September 16, 2019 02:36

University to re-establish humanities programs

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Allameh Tabaatbai University

More than two years after Allameh Tabatabai University announced that it will no longer offer a number of humanities programs, one of its department heads announced on Friday January 3 that the programs will be restored.

ISNA reports that the head of Allameh Tabatabai Social Sciences announced that the university will restore all the scrapped programs and will begin accepting students in these programs starting next September.

ISNA did not list the programs in question, however, two years ago under the university’s former leadership, philosophy, business administration, psychology and journalism were reportedly dropped from the list of programs offered.

The move against the humanities in universities came after the 2009 election protests, when Iran’s Supreme Leader pointed the finger at universities and specifically the humanities as the breeding ground of anti-Islamic thought and dissent.

Following the election of Hassan Rohani in 2013, the hardline president of Allameh Tabatabai was removed in an attempt to establish a more moderate and tolerant atmosphere in universities.