Monday, August 19, 2019 04:01

UN rights investigator may use other methods to prepare report on Iran

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Bahman Keshavarz

The head of the National Union of Iranian Court Attorneys said if the United Nations’ Special Human Rights Rapporteur is not allowed to travel to Iran, he will gather his data by other means.

Iranian Labour News agency (ILNA) reports that Bahman Keshavarz, the Head of National Union of Iranian Court Attorneys, said: “If Iran refuses to allow the appointed representative of the Human Rights Council to enter Iran, the representative will use off-field methods of investigation of inquiry and questioning the sources available to him — inside Iran as well as abroad — to prepare his report and present it to the council.”

Keshavarz added that the Human Rights Council had done well by choosing a rapporteur whose reports will carry the weight of credibility.

The Human Rights Council in Geneva appointed Ahmad Shaheed, the former Maldives foreign minister, as the rights investigator for Iran, the first Muslim to hold the position.

Despite this fact, Iranian MPs have already balked at the new rapporteur and called for him to be barred from entering Iran.

Tehran MP Zohreh Elahian said the UN’s human rights resolution against Iran was based on hidden agendas and political objectives.