Saturday, September 21, 2019 09:21

Ties forbidden in Iranian hospitals

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Ahmadreza Radan

The Iranian police force has announced that it will confront staff members at hospitals and private organizations that allow the use of make-up and ties.

ISNA quoted Ahmadreza Radan, the deputy head of Iranian security forces, saying: “I announced to the heads of the hospitals right here that those who systematically use heavy make-up and wear ties will be confronted.”

He stressed that the administrators of hospitals and other organizations have been given several days to address the issue before the security police steps in.

Radan also criticized workplaces that require employees to wear ties.

In recent months, retail stores in Iran have been forbidden to sell ties, because the establishment views them as a Western symbol.

With the arrival of the summer season, Iranian morality police often work overtime to enforce Iran’s rigid public dress code, especially for women, who are required to fully cover their hair and body with loose-fitting attire.