Tuesday, June 18, 2019 03:05

Sudden steel plant closure throws 275 out of work

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The Ardebil Steel Plant closure on Monday June 2 has left 275 workers without a job. The Mehr news agency reports that the Ardebil Steel Plant, located in City of Namin, operated in three shifts.

The report indicates that the workers were suddenly locked out of the factory and the closure came without any prior notice. A number of workers from the factory gathered in front of the Ardebil Labour Offices on Monday June 2.

The workers had gone without two months’ pay in each of the past two years as well as overtime pay and New Year bonuses. In addition, insurance premiums for the workers have not been paid in the past six months.

Last year, three workers at the factory were laid off for following up on worker demands, the report adds.

Last March, the factory management announced that the loss of European contracts and a lack of government cooperation had left the operation working at 25 percent of its capacity.