Tuesday, April 07, 2020 07:12

Slain border official’s remains home at last

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Jamshid Danaifar

The remains of Iranian border official Jamshid Danaifar, who was killed in Baluchistan by the militant Sunni group Jeysh-ol-Adl, have finally been identified and returned to Iran, says Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.

A statement issued on March 21 says Iranian intelligence forces have finally managed to locate and reclaim Danaifar’s remains, while also “arresting a number of individuals involved in killing him”.

In February of 2014, five Iranian border guards were taken hostage by Jeysh-ol-Adl and brought into Pakistani territory. One of those hostages was Danaifar, who was later killed by his abductors.

The four remaining hostages were finally returned to Iran unharmed in March of 2014 through mediation by Senior Sunni elders in Sistan-Baluchistan.

Danaifar’s remains were not returned at the time and his fate remained a mystery.

In 2014, the Human Rights Defenders Centre gave its Human Rights Award to Mowlavi Abdolhamid Esmail Zehi, the Friday Mass Imam for Sunnis in Zahedan, who was instrumental in negotiating the release of the hostages.