Sunday, August 18, 2019 04:59

Rooftop shouts of protest reported from Tehran

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Iranians started shouts of protest from their rooftops after nightfall on Monday in Tehran and other major cities, Kaleme website reports.

Shouting “Allah-o-akbar!” from rooftops has been a prominent form of protest in Iran since the 1979 Revolution.

According to Kaleme, tonight people have added slogans in support of the opposition leaders, Mousavi and Karroubi.

In addition to Tehran, rooftop protest chants have also been reported in Esfahan, Karaj and Shiraz.

The fate of the two opposition leaders and their wives is unknown as their house arrest which started before the February 14 rally, has come under question with reports of their arrest in the opposition websites.

News of their arrest has been denied by state media but there has been no concrete evidence presented by the authorities to prove that the opposition leaders and their wives are still in their homes.

A rally has been called by the opposition with specific slogans to demand the release of Mousavi and Karroubi. Protesters are called on to take to the streets of Tehran and other major cities tomorrow at 5 pm.