Friday, August 23, 2019 10:02

Rohani takes power, gives first speech as president

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Hassan Rohani was officially given the presidential decree at a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday August 3.

In his first speech as Iranian president, Rohani called for an end to all animosities and said all Iranians who are concerned about their country should work together to move Iran forward.

He stressed that his administration will focus on the economic needs of the people, which will be informed by new moves on the international scene according to national interests.

He stressed that the outcome of the election, which surprised many, was a mark of renewed trust between the government and the people.

“I see the government gaining power by strengthening the foundations of society and by keeping its promises to the people,” Rohani said. “I have been charged with the duties of government, with the support of a people who want improvements in their livelihood and dignity, who want to live better and be free from poverty and corruption, who want to grow in an open, spiritual and rational society.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader stated that he supports the new president’s proposal to show wisdom on the international scene but he added: “We must have a wise and rational approach to international matters; however, we have enemies that do not comprehend the language of rationality.”

He went on to criticize the aggressive approach of the country’s enemies, referring to U.S. sanctions against Iran.

He invited the people to be patient in the search for answers to the country’s problems, calling on all political groups and influential figures in the country to support the new president and his administration in their mission.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the legislative and judicial branches of the government, the head of the expediency council, military leaders and all the presidential candidates, as well as several foreign dignitaries.