Monday, August 26, 2019 01:01

Rohani signals willingness to tackle nuclear concerns

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Hassan Rohani

Iranian President Hassan Rohani says Iran is ready to address international concerns about its nuclear program.

In his first live interview on national television, Rohani said: "Our action framework is international regulations, and if the other party has a serious intention to engage in this matter, the nuclear issue can be resolved not so long from now."

The Iranian president said that the P5+1 has called on the Islamic Republic to start the negotiations and that he has taken the step of transfering the nuclear file to the foreign ministry and determing the negotiating team in preparation for the talks.

Rohani added: "We will take steps based on our rights according to international law and the NPT, and no one can deprive Iranian nationals from the right to enrich uranium on their own soil."

He remarked: "However, this enrichment will be under IAEA supervision and for peaceful purposes."

Rohani stressed that there is the possibility of a "win-win" resolution in the nuclear disputes.

Despite U.S. and Western concerns regarding Iran's nuclear program, Iran has consistently maintained that its program is peaceful and it has no intention of developing nuclear weapons. In addition, the IAEA has never presented any evidence to prove that Iran's nuclear activities is anything but peaceful.