Monday, September 16, 2019 12:42

Rohani points to foreign investment as an economic cure

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Iranian President Hassan Rohani spoke on live television about his government’s actions to attract foreign investment, describing the positive steps he has taken to resolve the country’s economic problems.

Rohani told the live TV audience that his government has an agenda to break out of the country’s economic recession by transforming the investment sector.

He spoke of significant foreign financing for power plants, mines, steel and industry as well as investments in subway construction.

He stressed that breaking the recession is more important than controlling inflation, saying: “We have made some progress in the control of inflation by reducing it by 8 units to 35 percent in the past month.”

He reported that 117 groups and delegations have visited Iran in the past six months, bringing $4-billion in foreign investment, a figure he claimed would grow even larger in the coming months.

The Iranian president also described the Geneva agreement with the world powers reached in November 2013 as a win-win deal, adding that win-lose agreements have no meaning in today’s world.

The interim deal reached in Geneva last November between the 5+1 and Iran has triggered a certain level of interaction between Iran and international companies as a range of sanctions against the country have been lifted for a period of six months, with an eye to reaching a more comprehensive deal in the near future that would lead to a complete lifting of sanctions against Iran.