Saturday, August 24, 2019 12:07

Rohani lead remains significant

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As the vote count continues in Iran the latest interior ministry announcement indicates that Hassan Rohani, the candidate endorsed by reformists, remains in the lead.

In a report at 4PM, the interior ministry announced that of over 22 million correct votes counted, Mr. Rohani has got 11,754,013 votes.

In the second place is Mohammad Bagher Ghalobof; however he trails behind with over six million votes difference.

Currently Rohani has over fifty percent of the votes; if by the end of the count he does not have over fifty percent, the elections has to go to the second round.

In the meantime the interior ministry added that since the municipal votes have to be counted as well, his ministry is faced with a heavy volume of work. He said however that they will not sacrifice “accuracy and transparency for speed.”

Mohammad Najjar predicted that the final results of the vote count would be announced later today.