Friday, August 23, 2019 01:06

Rohani lays out priorities at first news conference as president

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Hassan Rohani

Hassan Rohani held his first press conference as Iran’s new president today, August 6, in Tehran.

During a two-hour session, Rohani answered questions on topics that ranged from domestic and foreign policy to nuclear issues, economic problems and the Syrian conflict.

Rohani said he had chosen the members of his cabinet on the basis of their expertise and their willingness to take on the heavy responsibilities.

Rohani’s choices have already been challenged by members of Iran’s ultra-conservative factions such as Hossein Shariatmadari, who accused Rohani of trying to bring “seditious elements” into the government.

Rohani emphasized that his government will take an active role in regional politics and move toward building stability.

In terms of nuclear talks, Rohani called for quick and serious steps to relieve concerns, stressing that his government is determined to respond in kind to practical and constructive initiatives, with an eye to protecting the rights of the Iranian people.

Rohani went on to give general responses regarding his administration’s plans to reduce inflation and address economic difficulties.