Tuesday, July 16, 2019 12:15

Rohani lauds government’s performance

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President Hassan Rohani marked the end of Government Week in Iran with a speech commending the achievements of his government, specifically in the fields of the economy, agriculture, the environment and foreign policy.

The Iranian president detailed how his government has managed to rein in inflation within one year and transform an economy that had been shrinking at a rate of 7.2 percent to one that has moved into positive growth.

He added that his government has increased the development budget threefold, while the budget for provincial development projects is now 12 times what it was last year. And he reminded Iranians that these achievement have been made while the country still remains under heavy international sanctions.

Rohani maintained that environmental issues are the most challenging and complex problems faced by his government but he added that so far his government has managed to improve air quality in major cities by providing high-quality gasoline for cars. The Iranian president spoke of his government’s efforts to reduce political and social rifts, saying that such an approach allows all parties and political activists to remain active within the framework of the constitution.

He also spoke of reducing the rifts between different religious and ethnic groups “under the umbrella of Iran and the constitution.”

"We will not retreat from any of the promises that we have made to the people and we will inform the people if there is any change in our path,” Rohani said, in a speech aired live on the state channel.

Rohani also referred to foreign policy and the nuclear negotiations, saying the Iranian people want to have peaceful relations with other nations. He added that his government will make special efforts to bring the country closer to other countries in the region. He also said that if there are no excessive demands and negotiations are carried out with honesty, his government will continue negotiations with the 5+1, and he expressed every hope that the Iranian people will soon be released from “oppressive sanctions.”