Monday, September 16, 2019 02:27

Rohani encounters protests on journey to Khuzestan

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Hassan Rohani began his first provincial visit on Tuesday January 14 arriving in Khuzestan amidst labour protests.

Tasnim website reports that in a speech, the president noted the efforts to create 550 hectares of agricultural land, the replenishment of the Karoon River and the revival of the cities of Abadan and Khoramshahr.

Some reports indicate that Rohani was faced with a number of labour protests on his route.

Rohani’s trip was delayed for a day due to heavy fog over Ahwaz. The president reported that he is in Khuzestan to get firsthand input about the needs and demands of citizens there.

Khuzestan MPs have been critical of the government’s budget for the province, saying the region needs special considerations in view of the severe air pollution, water-transfer issues and the lack of adequate development following the Iran-Iraq War.

ILNA reports that workers from the Ahwaz Sugar Refinery and the Razi Petrochemical Plant gathered again on Tuesday to protest unpaid wages and harsh job conditions, urging the president to make their voices heard.