Wednesday, August 21, 2019 05:52

Rohani defends cabinet choices in Parliament

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Iran’s new president, Hassan Rohani, spoke in defence of his choices for cabinet on Monday August 12 in Parliament.

Iranian media report that the president said the people’s vote in the presidential elections “is not just an endorsement of a single person as the president but a vote for the proposed plans and the choice of cabinet members.”

He added that his choices for cabinet are the result of widespread consultation with top experts in the country, and his only criteria has been to elect individuals with the best capabilities in order to carry out the duties of the administration.

He added that he respects the former political links of the cabinet members he has chosen, but they have agreed to join his administration out of concern for the country and to put their expertise and experience in the service of the country.

He stressed that “the country is currently in a sensitive economic and social situation which is exacerbated by the international pressures.”

He went on to stress that the people he has chosen for cabinet are genuinely concerned about the system and faithful to the leadership, adding that they are prepared to give their best for the sake of the country.

He introduced each of his proposed minsters in detail, adding that he is aware of the hardships of Iranian society and is convinced that “Iranians deserve to live better.”

He added that he feels that “people are fed up with extremism and are welcoming moderation”, adding that with his victory in the election, he is now certain that his proposed government can “address the collective demands of the people in a reasonable time with the cooperation of all the positive forces in the country.”