Friday, August 23, 2019 03:56

Rohani condemns chemical weapons use in Syria

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Hassan Rohani

Iranian president Hassan Rohani condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria, expressing grave concern for that country’s people.

“That the conditions dominating Syria led to the martyrdom of innocent people through chemical weapons is very distressing,” Rohani said.

“The use of chemical weapons is unacceptable, and the Islamic Republic government, which has been a victim of these weapons, urges the global community to prevent the use of these weapons all over the world and especially in Syria,” Rohani said.

On Wednesday August 21, Syrian opposition forces accused the Syrian regime of using chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus.

The Syrian government denies the charge and claims it is in fact the opposition forces that have used chemical weapons. Russia, too, has announced there is evidence that opposition forces have used chemical weapons in Syria.

Rohani’s reference to Iran being a victim of chemical weapons goes back to the eight-year Iran-Iraq War, when Iraq used chemical weapons against Iran.

Hassan Rohani said: “Terrorist actions in Lebanon and the Israeli government aerial attack on Lebanon must not only be condemned but be recognized as a greater plot against the sensitive Middle East region.”

He added today: “These plots are most evident in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, and we know that insecurity in the region is detrimental to the region and Muslims and it only benefits Israel.”

He expressed hope that “the alertness of the people and the efforts of all countries that are dedicated to stability in the region will return peace and security to the region in the near future.”