Saturday, August 24, 2019 05:01

Rights groups write to UN about continuing abuses in Iran

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A group of human rights organizations has sent a joint letter to the general assembly of the United Nations, reporting on the persistence of human rights violations in Iran.

The statement indicates that despite the positive developments since the election of President Hassan Rohani, human rights violations still continue.

The group specifically refers to the surge in executions of political prisoners in recent weeks.

Islamic Republic authorities have rejected allegations of human rights abuse, maintaining that countries that criticize Iran’s human rights record have a political agenda and use double standards in terms of Iran.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and the Boroumand Foundation are among the signatories of the statement to the UN.

They claim that the current year presents a vital opportunity for the international community and Iran’s civil society to clear all concerns about human rights in Iran.

They indicate that the Rohani administration has promised to end gender, ethnic and religious discrimination and, despite all positive developments, human rights violations are deeply rooted in the country’s laws and policies and have resulted in the persistence of the violations despite all efforts.