Saturday, August 24, 2019 06:30

Reports say people were arrested trying to join anniversary march

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Iranian opposition websites report that a number of participants in today’s march marking the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution have been arrested by security forces.

The Kaleme website reports that a group of people who had intended to join the march, following an invitation from President Hassan Rohani and former president Mohammad Khatami, were arrested around Towhid Square.

The detainees were reportedly carrying posters of Hassan Rohani signed by “Reformist Youth.”

The Ensaf News website also reports that 12 young men were arrested by plainclothes individuals, indicating that it is not clear whether these arrests were carried out by official entities.

Ensaf News also indicates that the detainees were arrested around Towhid Square and were prevented from joining the march.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency also confirms the arrests around Towhid Square but puts the number of detainees at around 20 people.

Political activist and prominent blogger Mehdi Khazali also reports on his Facebook page that a number of members of the writers association were arrested, adding that people wearing green shirts were being arrested.

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rohani said in his speech today that no faction should think that it can take over the country, adding that all factions and views were included in this year’s march.