Monday, May 25, 2020 06:01

Rasht citizens appeal to Rohani over police

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Hassan Rohani

A group of citizens from the northern city of Rasht has sent a protest letter to Iran’s president-elect about “violent” police behaviour during a street celebration on the night of Tuesday June 18, after Iran’s national football team won the qualifying match to participate in World Cup 2014.

In the letter, which was published on the Kaleme opposition website, the citizens claim that “due to censorship dominating the media”, nothing was published about the incident, and their efforts to hold the head of security forces to account on this issue failed to yield any results.

The citizens of Rasht, therefore, urge Mr. Rohani, as the people’s chosen representative, to get the security forces to explain their actions and they urge the president-elect to follow up on the “violations against the rights of the people.”

The signatories go on to urge Rohani to make every effort to eliminate “plainclothes forces” from the “structure of the country’s security forces.”