Wednesday, July 24, 2019 08:58

Rahnavard undergoes eye surgery

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Zahra Rahnavard

Iranian opposition leader Zahra Rahnavard, who has been under house arrest with her husband, MirHosein Mousavi, since February 2011, was transferred to hospital to undergo eye surgery.

Mousavi was allowed to accompany his wife to the hospital but no other members of the family were permitted.

The Kaleme website reports that Rahnavard’s general health remains stable following the surgery. MirHosein Mousavi also had to undergo eye surgery in August.

Mehdi Karroubi, the other opposition leader who has been under house arrest separately, also had to undergo surgery last month, allowing him a rare opportunity to leave his home.

Reports indicate that these opposition leaders are suffering from declining health due to their unprecedented circumstances under house arrest.

Recently, Iranian MP Ali Motahari Iranian MP once again raised his objections to the opposition figures’ house arrest with no formal judicial proceedings.