Wednesday, August 21, 2019 07:35

Putin to visit Iran after new president is sworn in

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit Iran in mid-August, shortly after president-elect Hassan Rohani will have taken over the administration.

The Kommersant daily reports that Putin’s trip is aimed at the resumption of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

A close source to the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “Putin’s visit to Iran is being planned for August 12th and 13th.”

The report adds that according to its source, the Kremlin is trying to use the change in administration as a starting point for renewed nuclear talks.

Nuclear talks with Iran in recent years have concentrated on Iran’s nuclear enrichment activities, and the last round of talks took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where no palpable results were achieved.

Both Russia and the U.S. have expressed some optimism that the change in the administration is potentially a step toward resolving the nuclear disputes with Iran.