Wednesday, September 18, 2019 06:17

Protesting steelworkers get promises on unpaid wages, jobs

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After weeks of labour protests, the laid-off worker at Zagros Steel Company have succeeded in achieving some of their demands.

The workers were primarily reinstated and their delayed wages are to be paid out within 15 days.

ILNA reports that following the workers’ second trip to Tehran,  government officials met with workers’ representatives, management and shareholders in order to mediate a settlement.

The workers representative, Zahed Rabii, reported that all 235 laid-off workers are to be reinstated, and workers have been guaranteed that the factory will continue production with its current workforce.

Management has committed itself to seeking assistance from special government councils to provide assistance to production units in crisis. In addition, it has guaranteed that withheld wages will be paid within 15 days.

On Monday, 200 steelworkers from the Zagros Company once again traveled to Tehran from Kurdistan to continue their protests in front of Parliament, demanding reinstatement and their backpay.

Two hundred and thirty-five workers were laid off by the company on July 9 and since then the workers have persisted in their protests in Kurdistan and Tehran.