Saturday, August 24, 2019 02:59

One of two detained labour activists gets released

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Jamil Mohammadi, an executive member of the Free Union of Iranian Workers and an organizer of a workers protest petition, has been released by Iranian authorities.

Mohammadi was arrested on April 25 in anticipation of International Workers’ Day and was released on bail on May 20.

The news of his release was published by the Sherkat-e Vahed Union of Tehran Bus Drivers. The report adds that Jafar Azimzadeh, another worker who was arrested along with Mohammadi, still remains in custody.

The two labour activists were arrested at midnight at their homes. The Free Union of Iranian Workers condemned those arrests as “illegal and aimed at oppression of workers” and called for the activists’ immediate release.

Azimzadeh had said in the media that conditions for workers have deteriorated under the Rohani administration and worker oppression has intensified.