Wednesday, August 21, 2019 05:48

Obama places call to Rohani

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The U.S. president made a telephone call to his Iranian counterpart today at the end of the Iranian leader’s trip to New York.

Barack Obama told a press conference in Washington that he had contacted Hassan Rohani, adding that he is now convinced it is possible for the two countries to reach a comprehensive agreement over the nuclear issues.

The U.S. president said: “I reiterated to President Rohani what I said in New York: while there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward – and success is by no means guaranteed – I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution.”

The two presidents reportedly spoke for about 15 minutes at about 2:30 PM.

This is the first time a U.S. president has directly contacted an Iranian president. Iran and the U.S. have had no diplomatic relations since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Iranian media also reported on the unprecedented telephone conversation, stating that both sides expressed their political will to resolve the nuclear issue as soon as possible and charged their foreign ministers to make the arrangements for mutual and necessary cooperation.