Monday, June 24, 2019 04:30

Nuclear talks extended as Rohani predicts Iran’s victory

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Nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 wrapped up in Vienna with parties planning to meet again in December. Following the decision to extend the talks for another eight months, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said that in the end, Iran will emerge triumphant from the negotiations.

Meanwhile, U.S. State Secretary John Kerry said sanctions on Iran will remain in place while the negotiations continue. Rohani said in a television interview that there is no doubt that Iran will continue to use its nuclear technology and facilities, and the parties are well aware that pressure and sanctions against Iran are ineffective.

He stressed that the final victors in the negotiations will be the people of Iran, adding that Iran will continue its firm and logical negotiation stance until a final resolution is reached.

He added that on Monday November 24, the parties agreed to extend the terms of the Geneva agreement for a few more months to allow the negotiations to achieve a final resolution.

Kerry was also quoted as saying that Iran’s commitment to the Geneva deal and the easing of sanctions by the West has helped to build trust among the parties. Kerry also called on Congress to support the negotiating process.

Kerry maintained that the talks have been extended for seven months; however, they are aiming to have a general agreement on all issues within four months.