Sunday, August 18, 2019 01:32

MPs go after officials with dual citizenship

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Thirteen Iranian MPs have called on Hassan Rohani to remove the senior government officials who have dual citizenship. The Tasnim News Agency reports that the MPs maintain that employing individuals with dual citizenship is “not permissible”.

The MPs also claim that an official in the president’s office has a dual Iranian-American citizenship.

The MPs do not name the individual but it appears they may be referring to Mohammad Nahavandian, the head of the president’s office, who is said to have U.S. citizenship.

The 13 MPs, who are considered to be chief opponents of the current administration, have written: “Filling sensitive government, political and economic posts with people holding dual citizenship could be dangerous and put the country in challenging situations.”

“Those who have official posts should not have sworn allegiance to the flags of foreign countries,” the 13 MPs write.

Iran does not officially recognize dual citizenship.