Thursday, July 18, 2019 01:17

Media crackdown continues with journalist’s arrest

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Ministry of Intelligence

Another Iranian journalist, Ehsan Mazandarani, was arrested on Wednesday February 20, joining the wave of arrests that began in late January.

Hossein Yaghchi, one of journalists arrested during that time, was released yesterday after three weeks in jail.

Yaghchi, a reporter for the Asman weekly magazine, was arrested in late January when Iranian security forces raided the offices of a number of newspapers, including Bahar, Etemad and Shargh, and arrested some journalists at their homes.

The Intelligence Ministry has announced that it has discovered a network of anti-regime media activists connected to Persian BBC and it included the names of several reformist websites, such as Kaleme, Jaras and Saham News, in that network.

BBC has denied any connection with these detained journalists.

The Intelligence Ministry has said it is still investigating the matter and, in the meantime, while some of the journalists may be released after the conclusion of their interrogations, others may yet be arrested.