Saturday, August 17, 2019 07:12

Labour activist arrested as worker unrest grows

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Hatam Samadi

Labour activist Hatam Samadi has been arrested by plainclothes officials and transferred to an unknown location.

The Coordination Committee for Establishing Labour Organizations issued a statement saying committee member Hatam Samadi was arrested at 10 AM at his workplace and his arrest has been reported to his family by the Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau.

Ribvar Abdollahi, another committee member, was arrested and stood trial on February 4 for the charge of propaganda activities against the regime, receiving a one-year jail sentence. The trial reportedly lasted a few minutes.

Abdollahi has been released on bail of 700 million toumans.

The committee was established to help Iranian workers fight for their rights, and labour protests have become a common occurrence in recent years with continued factory closures and delays in wage and benefit payments.