Thursday, September 19, 2019 09:13

Khuzestan cancer cases skyrocket over past 15 years

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Red Crescent sources report a 500-percent increase in the number of cancer patients in Khuzestan in the past 15 years. Ahwaz, the capital of Khuzestan, is considered one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Kaveh Jaseb told IRNA that lung, stomach and blood cancer are respectively the most common forms of cancer in the province.

Annually, 22,000 people end up in clinics and hospitals due to complications brought on by dust particles in the air in Khuzestan.

The air quality problems are exacerbated by the use of substandard gasoline. Another cause of the increased incidence of cancer has been identified as interference waves used for censoring satellite programs.

Jaseb said the rise in the number of cancer patients is cause for immediate concern and he called for “prevention and control programs”.

Cancer is the third-biggest cause of death in Iran, with heart disease and road accidents topping the list respectively.

Earlier reports have indicated that 35,000 people die from cancer in Iran each year, with prostate, lung, breast, colon and blood cancer as the most common forms.

Last week, the head of the health ministry’s cancer department announced that 90,000 new cancer cases are registered each year.