Tuesday, September 17, 2019 05:11

Iranian president signals eagerness to attract foreign investment

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Iranian President Hassan Rohani told a meeting of ambassadors and foreign political representatives in Tehran that Iran is prepared to finalize the talks with 5+1 and welcome foreign investment from international companies.

IRNA reports that Rohani addressed the meeting at Saadabad Palace Complex on Monday February 10, saying: “The Islamic Republic, the negotiating delegation and the foreign ministry are prepared for talks on February 17 to reach a comprehensive and final agreement with the 5+1.”

He stressed that Iran is firm and decisive in this process, as it has shown in the preliminary stage of the negotiations so far.

“Our doors are open to the International Atomic Energy Agency,” the Iranian president said; “After thousands of hours of inspection, the IAEA has said over and over again that it has found no trace of any deviation in Iran’s nuclear program.”

He announced that Iran is in negotiations with certain international companies, adding that the Islamic Republic is prepared to work in tandem with interested companies, bringing to the table its rich resources and highly qualified young workforce.

Rohani also said Iran is prepared to “maintain improved relations based on mutual respect and interests with all countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.”