Tuesday, July 16, 2019 02:13

Iranian Kurdish groups call for boycott of elections

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Four Iranian Kurdish political parties at a gathering in Soleymanieh have called on the people of Kurdistan and Iran to boycott the parliamentary elections and stay home on Friday March 2.

The Islamic Republic’s elections for the ninth Islamic Parliament are scheduled for March 2.

Radio Zamaneh has been informed that the Democratic Party Iranian Kurdistan, Iran’s Komalah Party, the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) and the Iranian Kurdistan’s Revolutionary Khabat Organization met in Soleymanieh on Tuesday February 28, issuing a unanimous plea to the Iranian public to shun the elections.

The upcoming ninth parliamentary elections in Iran have been boycotted by numerous groups, including the reformists, who had set out conditions for their participation: the release of the opposition leaders and all political prisoners, and a guarantee of transparent elections.

The presidential election of 2009 drew a large voter turnout but it later led to mass street protests against the alleged vote fraud in the victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The government has fiercely cracked down on election protesters.