Monday, September 16, 2019 02:41

Iranian internet cafes face new regulations

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Iran’s cyber police have imposed further restrictions on internet cafes, issuing a list of 20 new requirements that must be complied with within 15 days by all such businesses or else they will face prosecution.

Cyber police have said that all businesses that offer internet services must be owned by “committed, married individuals that have no criminal or judicial records.”

Furthermore, the cafes must now keep details of their customers’ identities, including their address, national number and telephone number.

The businesses also have to keep detailed records of when and how their customers used the internet, including a list of the websites they visited. The information must be kept for a minimum of six months.

Meanwhile, the use of VPNs, technology that allows users to circumvent internet blocking, is also forbidden in internet cafes.

Setting up 24-hour surveillance cameras and keeping those recordings for up to six months is another requirement for internet cafes.