Monday, August 26, 2019 11:01

Iranian broadcaster accused of thwarting government

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Ali Younesi

Ali Younesi, President Hassan Rohani’s adviser on ethnic and religious minority affairs, says the national television broadcaster Seda va Sim is acting as opposition media against the administration.

According to the Shargh daily, Younesi said: “Seda va Sim is supposed to support the president while reflecting the public view regarding the government.”

The report goes on to add that a few days earlier, Seda va Sima prevented the broadcast of the president’s speech on the National Day of Communications and Public Relations despite prior arrangements to do so.

President Rohani’s statements regarding the need to stop internet censorship have found serious criticism among hardliners in the Islamic Republic establishment.

The second live Q and A session between President Rohani and the public was also delayed from airing on television by the head of Seda va Sima, Eazzatollah Zarghami.