Thursday, August 22, 2019 03:00

Iranian advisor slams “lies” in human rights report

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Mohammad Javad Larijani

The Iranian judiciary’s international advisor says the UN rapporteur’s report on human rights in Iran is “a collection of lies and accusations” and cooperation with such an investigator is meaningless.

ISNA reports that Mohammad Javad Larijani, the head of Iran’s Human Rights Headquarters and an advisor to the judiciary, told a meeting of Non-aligned Movement members that the UN’s appointment of a special human rights rapporteur for Iran was in itself a manifestation of the “discriminatory, unjustifiable and aggressive” international policies against the country.

Larijani attacked Ahmad Shaheed’s research methods, saying: “The behaviour of the special rapporteur is completely lacking in the minimum requirements of a reasonable and acceptable investigator, and he has not even tried to show a semblance of impartiality in his report.”

On Monday, Shaheed released his second report on the state of human rights in Iran. The 36-page report came with several attached files and the names of scores of alleged victims of human rights violations.

Shaheed claimed his report “catalogued allegations that produce a striking pattern of violations of fundamental human rights.”

The report documents witness testimony regarding “excessive solitary confinement, electric shock, severe beatings, threats of rape, and threats to detain and/or harm friends, associates, and family members.”

Iranian authorities had refused Shaheed permission to travel to Iran, so his research was carried out through interviews with NGOs outside of Iran as well as diplomats and Iranians living abroad.

Mohammad Javad Larijani said: “For the special rapporteur to travel to various countries and call on everyone to bring forth accusations against Iran is unprecedented and irresponsible.”

Describing Shaheed’s reports as a “series of lies and accusations easily accessible in many media outlets”, he added that there is no difference between this report and the reports from U.S. government agencies.

He, therefore, concluded that cooperation with such a rapporteur is meaningless.