Sunday, August 18, 2019 05:25

Iran slams cutting of satellite networks

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Iran’s national broadcaster, Seda va Sima, has condemned Eutelset’s decision to cut off Iran’s satellite programs, describing the move as “illegal, immoral and unprofessional.”

The European satellite company Eutelset announced on Monday October 15 that it will no longer air the 19 Iranian satellite networks. ISNA wrote: “In contrast to deceiving claims of the West regarding belief in human rights and the free flow of information in the world, the large number of Seda va Sima’s international viewers will be denied the programs from Monday October 15.”

Seda va Sima claims the move was pushed by the American Zionist lobby and France’s CSA based on “unfounded claims.”

Eutelset offers satellite services to numerous networks that reach all across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and many regions of Asia and America.

The announcement by Seda va Sima indicates that despite the rejection of their programs by Eutelset, more than 1,000 programs are aired in the Islamic Republic through the company’s satellite, Hotbird, and the contents of many of these programs, according to Seda va Sima, are “immoral, indecent, anti-Iranian culture and anti-religious values.”

Some sources have connected the Eutelset move to the practice of blocking some Persian-language programs aired from outside Iran. The Islamic Republic has been accused of blocking Persian language programs such as Persian BBC, Voice of America and Deustche Welle.