Sunday, July 21, 2019 04:56

Iran sending group to Pakistan after officials abducted

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Iran’s deputy minister of the interior says a delegation is being dispatched to Pakistan to follow up on the abduction of five border officials in Sistan-Baluchistan.

IRNA reports that Ali Abdollahi stated that the delegation will arrive in Pakistan next week to deal with the “abduction of five border officials by the group referred to as Jeysh-ol-adl.”

Iranian officials have already met with their Pakistani counterparts to discuss the kidnapping.

Jeysh-ol-adl, a Sunni militant group that claims to fight for the rights of Sunni minorities in Iran, claimed responsibility for kidnapping the five Iranian border officials.

Abdollahi said the abductors entered Iran from Pakistan and have returned to Pakistan. He added: “Pakistani officials have certain responsibilities in this regard which they need to live up to.”

The Iranian foreign ministry has summoned the Pakistani ambassador in Iran, calling for immediate action by the Pakistani government in this matter.