Monday, September 16, 2019 02:37

Iran offers scenarios for lifting of ban on using Facebook

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The Iranian government department that monitors and filters internet use has announced it may end the Facebook prohibition for internet users in the country.

Mohammadreza Aghamiri, a member of the presiding committee, said: “This could be made possible in the long run by smart filtering software that can separate criminal content from beneficial content.”

He added that Facebook’s compliance with Iranian laws and regulations could be another route to lifting the restrictions.

He went on to add: “Despite the criminal activities of some Facebook subscribers who have no regard for the laws of our system, Facebook has created an opportunity to promote religion, Islam’s awakening and the Iranian-Islamic culture.”

He went on to say that “obscene material and content that violates political, security and social laws must be censored, and this means that beneficial content is also being blocked.” He claimed this could become an initiative for lifting the restrictions on Facebook.

Yesterday, Iran’s Prosecutor General also reported it’s possible that the Facebook prohibition could be lifted.

Several members of the Rohani administration, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, have announced that they have Facebook pages, triggering speculation as to whether it is appropriate for government officials to be Facebook members.