Friday, September 20, 2019 02:19

Iran moves to stop use of dirty, substandard gasoline

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Bijan Zanganeh

Iran’s Oil Minister announced on Tuesday February 25 that the gasoline produced in petrochemical facilities is not up to standard and carries contaminants and will no longer be distributed in Tehran.

The Mehr News Agency quoted Bijan Zanganeh saying: “I can tell you for sure that Octane 7 will no longer be distributed in Tehran in the coming year.” The Iranian New Year will begin on March 20

Ever since the beginning of international sanctions on its oil sector, Iran has had to supply half of its gasoline demand domestically. But, without enough refineries in the country, the authorities chose to obtain alternative fuel from petrochemical plants. However, these products have had serious effects on air quality.

Air pollution in Tehran and other large cities has been a great concern in recent years.

In December, the Ministry of Health announced that 4,460 people died in the past year due to complications caused from air pollution.

Another report indicated that the capital has had only three days of clear air in the past year.