Saturday, September 21, 2019 07:09

Iran continues to refuse entry to UN rapporteur

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Larijani - Shaheed

Iran’s Human Rights chief, Mohammad Javad Larijani has stressed once more that Ahmad Shaheed, UN Rapporteur on Human Rights for Iran will not be allowed enter Iran adding that Shaheed lacks credibility because his only source of information is “anti-regime websites.”

Larijani told Mehr News Agency: “Ahmad Shaheed in his reports refers to individuals that do not even exist and and he has no evidence of their existence.”

Shaheed has said that during his mission he has spoken to hundreds of Iranian activists who have been subjected to serious human rights violations.

Larijani insists that Shaheed has not established the authenticity of his sources.

Ahmad Shaheed  has been UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran since June of 2011 and has so far released four rerpots on human rights violations by Islamic Republic authorities.