Tuesday, May 21, 2019 08:47

Iran confirms arrest of 1500 protesters

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Evin Prison

The Iranian judiciary today announced the names of 1,500 people arrested in yesterday’s demonstrations and transferred to Evin Prison, the Human Rights Reporters Committee reports.

Families of detainees gathered in front of the Revoutionary court, where the detainees' files were being initiated, but they were attacked by Special Guards of the security forces and dispersed.

The authorities are refusing to inform families about what’s happening to individual detainees.

The announcement of the 1,500 names comes after security commander Ahmadreza Radan confirmed to the media that 150 people had been arrested. He said the protests had been carried out by a handful of seditionists.

Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejei, a spokesman for the judiciary and Iran’s prosecutor, told Fars news agency that yesterday’s events were “designed and supported by the U.S. and anti-Revolutionaries including the monafeghin.”

Iranian authorities refer to the dissident political group People Mojahedin Organization as monafeghin.

“In view of earlier warnings,” Mohseni Ejei said, “the judiciary will deal quickly and firmly with the main perpetrators and those who disturbed public order and peace.”

Yesterday Iranians took to the streets of Tehran and major cities in response to an opposition rally call. The mass demonstrations confirmed that post-election spirit of protest remains strong.