Monday, June 24, 2019 01:05

Iran’s neighbours called more vulnerable to cheap oil

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Iranian President Hassan Rohani said in a trip to Bushehr that Iran is less affected by the decline in the price of oil than its neighbouring oil producers because it only depends on oil revenues for one third of its budget.

On Tuesday January 13, Rohani told the people of Bushehr that countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will sustain more losses from the falling price of oil and predicted that the fall in oil prices will soon end.

Saudi Arabian officials have said, however, that they will not consider reducing their oil production in order to control prices. The Saudi Oil Minister has been quoted as saying that they are prepared to live even with oil prices as low as $20 a barrel.

The Rohani administration has made some adjustments to its budget to allow for the falling price of oil. Last year, the budget was based on oil selling at $100 a barrel.