Thursday, August 22, 2019 05:34

Filmmakers acquitted of “collaborating with BBC”

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A group of documentary makers who had been accused by the Iranian judiciary of “collaborating with BBC” have been acquitted of the charges.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Behzad Ebtehaj, a legal advisor for the Iran Cinema Organization, said: “In this file a number of filmmakers whose films had been sold to the BBC in the distribution process were accused of collaborating with that broadcasting organization and were temporarily arrested and detained.”

He added: “The accused filmmakers have been cleared of the charges after an investigation by the interrogators was completed.”

Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Katayoon Shahabi, Hadi Afarideh, Nasser Safarian, Shahnam Bazdar and MohsenShanazdar are the six filmmakers who were briefly arrested last year, accused of “collaboration with the BBC”, and released on bail.

The head of Persian BBC announced at the time that the British Broadcasting Corporation has no collaborators in Iran and denied any direct relation with the detained filmmakers.