Monday, August 19, 2019 06:19

Fars governor say MP’s attackers now identified

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Ali Motahari

The Fars governor announced on Saturday March 14 that the assailants who attacked MP Ali Motahari have been identified. IRNA reports that Mohammad Ahmadi did not provide any further details about the “main perpetrators” of this attack but said “the identification of the other elements and those who set up this unacceptable move is under investigation and all necessary steps have been taken.”

The statement comes after President Rohani, the interior minister and a number of MPs called for the immediate identification of the attackers. Some MPs have even called for the governor’s resignation for the security failure in his province.

Iranian MP Ali Motahari was attacked last week by a mob wielding pepper spray, rotten tomatoes and bricks when he arrived at Shiraz Airport on his way to a lecture at Shiraz University.

Motahari was prevented from giving his lecture and returned to Tehran the same day.

The Shiraz Friday Mass Imam implicitly accused Ali Motahari of causing the attack through his support for ending the house arrest of the opposition leaders of the 2009 election protests.

Motahari responded by saying that the Friday Mass Imam of Shiraz should be treated as the prime suspect in the attacks.