Saturday, August 17, 2019 04:51

Detained workers supported by protesters

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A group of labour activists and the families of detained workers gathered in front of the Justice Department in Sanandaj on Saturday April 6 to protest the undetermined state of their arrested peers and relatives.

The Committee of Coordination of Support for Labour Organizations reports that the assistant prosecutor and interrogator failed to provide satisfying answers about the detainees’ situation, emphasizing that the files of the detained workers have not yet been forwarded to the courts.

The protesters have announced that they will continue their protest until the authorities satisfy their questions.

Five members of the labour organization were arrested in March at their homes or places of work. The detainees are reportedly at the Sanandaj Ministry of Intelligence detention centre, and no announcements have been made so far about their situation.

The families and supporters of these detainees have on several occasions gathered in protest against the Justice Department, demanding news of the detainees.