Thursday, June 20, 2019 09:28

Detained publisher threatens hunger strike

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Mehdi Khazali

Jailed Iranian publisher Mehdi Khazali has told the intelligence officers who arrested him that he will refuse food until he is dead, an opposition website reports.

Khazali was arrested on Monday without being formally charged.

The Kaleme website cites an unidentified close friend to report that Khazali had contested his arrest, declaring that he had put up bail 10 days earlier to cover that arrest warrant, but the officials forced him down and took him away in cuffs.

The report adds that the judge in the case confirmed that he had received bail and Khazali was free to go. However, another document was presented to the judge and, after a call to the prosecutor’s office, Khazali’s release on bail was changed to a temporary arrest.

Khazali is a prominent reformist figure and the son of right-wing cleric Abolghassem Khazali, who has disowned his son for criticizing the government. The younger Khazali was previously arrested in December 2010 and released on bail after a month.